Political Stenciling and Silk Screening Workshop

The Co op brings you a workshop on how to make stencils and how to silkscreen!!

Stencils are pretty easy to make, and once made can be used repeatedly for graffiti or just innocent spray painting of things…

Silkscreening is taking images and putting them on t-shirts!!!

all you need for this workshop is to go find something you like- some words or image suffice- make it black and white and then make the contrast really strong (so blacks and whites are well defined, or if they are words that the letters are block letters)- and then print it out and bring it!!!

really easy, and very effective for street art or your t-shirts =)

expert and future co-oper michael kiyoshi will be on hand to help out!

Friday, April 2, 2010
4:00pm – 6:00pm
1438 W. 28th St
Los Angeles, CA


Saturday, April 3, 2010
8:00pm – 10:00pm
1438 W. 28th St
Los Angeles, CA


the time has come to decide what the co op will be, what our future will look like, and what the next chapter in your own lives will become.

in order to get there, in order to begin the planning for this beautiful journey and earnest struggle, please grace the Co-op with your beloved presence this saturday at 8….

we will meet to discuss-

the history of the co op
the politics of the co op
the logistics of the co op
the future of the co op…

Yay bikes!

The (Financial) Case for Ditching the Car

GOOD Blog > Andrew Price on March 8, 2010 at 11:30 am PST

Over at Carfree.us, a self-described “average Joe” is trying to wean himself off his car where possible. After two months, he attempts this quantitative estimate of the payoff:

In January and February I commuted by bicycle or bus a total of 36 days or 72 trips, not counting holidays and vacation days.   Of those 72 trips I took the bus 32 times.  February was a really cold, wet, and snowy month in Charlotte so I took the bus a lot in February….

In two months I have had the following impact:

I’ve saved $47 in gasoline expenses and the equivalent of $457 in fixed costs for a total savings of $471.49 when accounting for bus costs.

Burned 22,356 calories which if I had been eating a normal diet is the equivalent of 6.4 pounds of fat!

I have kept 543 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (19.546 lbs per gallon and my car gets an average of 21 MPG).

Simply multiplying these numbers for the year would equal 3260 pounds of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere, $2542 dollars saved, 134,000 calories burned, and 38.3 pounds of fat.  If I had a car loan payment for a $20,000 the savings jumps to $7900!

There’s more detail here.

I’m a little suspicious of the way he calculates the “fixed cost” savings. After all, it’s not as if the insurance or registration costs are pro-rated depending on how much he uses the car. He has to pay those in full no matter what. On that point, I think he does overestimate the cash savings.

But getting to work by bike or bus is still indisputably cheaper and, as he notes, this analysis doesn’t take into the physical and emotional benefits of the exercise and the closer contact with the community.

Vote for ImMEDIAte Justice on http://www.refresheverything.com/immediatejusticefilms

ImMEDIAteJustice was created last year by Co-op members and Wonder-Women, Tani Ikeda and Sylvia “Strawberry” Raskin. The org trains youth in media literacy and reproductive health with a gender conscious lens. Through this program, professional filmmakers provide the mentorship, tools, & distribution teens need to share their vision with the world.

Now they need our help! They’ve entered Pepsi’s month long contest “Refresh Everything” for the chance to win $25,000. To win, they need to be voted into the top 10 projects by March 31st. Each person can vote daily, so please vote! Help Strawberry and Tani educate young women about reproductive justice and change the world!

To vote, visit http://www.refresheverything.com/immediatejusticefilms  (Pepsi requires that you sign up, but fear not, they won’t spam you)

More about IMJ:

The focus for summer 2010 is to create positive sexuality education films by LGBTQ youth. They envision sexual education as an inclusive, exploratory, youth-driven process that utilizes new media as a tool to share and safely access information. Their online community, CALIBODYPOLITIX, keeps young women informed about reproductive health and justice in California with the largest network of national and local reproductive health resources for youth.

The program and retreats foster positive self-image, supportive female alliances and media literacy skills, as participants graduate through a two-tier leadership development program that increases their influence as filmmakers and leaders of the next generation of women.